High quality dunnage bags from Integral

Integral’s AAR Verified dunnage bags are a convenient and low-cost way to protect your valuable goods from damage during transportation by road, rail and sea.

Suitable for use in voids up to 12″ (30cm) wide, these waterproof dunnage bags have an outstanding load stabilising capability. They can withstand tons of pressure and they are extremely durable due to their high quality construction. Each bag has an air-tight polyethylene inner layer and an outer layer made from a strong woven-polypropylene fabric. These materials can be easily recycled when the bag reaches it’s end of life.

We can supply dunnage bags that meet all application levels including L1 and L2 (for road and intermodal container) L3 and L4 (for rail and ocean transit) and L5 (for heavy-duty rail and ocean transit). A wide range of sizes is available with the option of Safe-Lock, Jet-Flow or Combo inflation valves.

All our dunnage bags are made by an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer and they are approved for use on railways by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

If you want to avoid costly transport damage contact Integral today to discuss your dunnage needs.