Builders Bags

Single and Multi-Trip FIBCs

Integral can source and supply single-trip and multi-trip builder’s bags with the full range of options. We can customise the bag construction to meet your exact filling and discharge requirements. Bags can have ‘standard’ four corner loops or cross-corner loops and can be fitted with stevedore straps or loop extensions.

Filling options include spouts and skirt/duffle tops and discharge options include full-base discharge, petal and iris closures. We can also supply tunnel-lift bags for ease of use with fork-lift trucks and baffle bags (a.k.a. Q Bags) which prevent the sides of the bag from bowing out when full.

A range of fabric weights are available which are measured in grams per square meter (gsm). Typically the body fabric for the bag will range from 130gsm up to 250gsm.

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