Bulk Bag Designs

We offer the full range of options

Choosing the right type of bulk bag is critical and Integral can help you establish the most suitable product. In many cases a standard design may be suitable, however we can source and supply custom bags with any combination of lifting, filling and discharge features.

Bag Construction

Four Panel




Baffle/Q Bags

Lifting Options

Side-seam Loops

Side-seam Under

Cross-corner Loops


Hood Lift

Single Stevedore Straps

Double Stevedore Straps

Fill Options

Open Top


Flap Top

Fill Spout

Conical Top + Spout

Spout + Flap

Spout + Petal Closure

Discharge Options

Full Base


Discharge Spout

Flap and Duffle

Spout and Flap

Cone and Spout

Supported Cone + Spout

Sprout + Iris Closure