Eco-Friendly Products

Being more eco-friendly is an objective for most businesses and Integral can help you to minimise the environmental impact of your packaging.

Using Less Plastic

Integral can source plastic packaging made with recycled material, but another way we can reduce the amount of virgin polymer used is to use our unique resin replacement material EXO.

EXO is a revolutionary bio-renewable product made from waste Oyster shells. The EXO formulation contains a naturally occuring bio-polymer, so it can replace a significant percentage of the petroleum-based polymer that would normally be needed to make plastic films.

For example by using EXO to make items like pallet covers we can replace 30% of the plastic with a renewable material from a sustainable source. The items remain fully recyclable and the process doesn’t affect product performance. Having a high percentage of renewable content in your plastic packaging is good news for your eco-credentials.

If you want to know more about EXO and find out if it would be suitable for your packaging needs, please contact us.